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14 October 2007 @ 03:18 pm
Well, we've moved. All three of us, Teddy, Draco, and I. We're living in one of the cottages on campus. It's pretty nice. Cozy. We did it all yesterday. And now we are COMPLETELY moved in and unpacked. It was incredible. There were about 30 people all un-shrinking everything and putting it in all in its place. We went from an empty house yesterday morning, to a complete house this morning.

Teddy has a pretty awesome room. It's got a loft for the bed, big enough for the three of us to all sit up there. This, of course, means there is ample space underneath it where a fort could be created.

In all, it's been good. I'm so thankful for the WAMAS professors and staff. They're absolutely amazing.
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