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18 October 2007 @ 08:19 am
Shoes and ships and sealing wax  

Yesterday afternoon, Teddy and Draco holed themselves up in the woodshop for a few hours. They came back with the nicest gift for me! It seems a bit silly to be so excited about it, but oh well. They made me a fantastic recipe box, complete with my name carved beautifully in the top and a little stand thing attached to rest the recipe card on. They made a good choice because I've been annoyed with my current recipe situation for ages. I had a crappy little platic box with no character and it was all disorganized because I hated it so much, I didn't want to look at it and put any effort into organizing it. So last night I spent the evening organizing and writing out recipes on cards, much to Draco's consternation because, "It won't suck itself."

We have a meeting scheduled with the local wizarding elemntary school teacher to see about enrolling Teddy in school. Part of me doesn't want to put him in school. I mean, Draco and I are perfectly capable of homeschooling him (unlike certain parents who are barely educated themselves and think they can teach their children). But I also know that being in school, around other kids would help him. Draco is very adament that we get him in school because "He's already introverted enough as it is." I don't think he understand the nature of the introvert very well. He seems to think that the fact that Teddy would generally rather stay in and read a book than spend the entire day playing with Ryan (neighbor boy... have I talked about him?) is somehow unhealthy. I've tried explaining that if Teddy holed himself up in his room and would never came out and never wanted to do anything, THAT would be unhealthy. But Teddy goes out and plays when he wants to, interacts when he wants to and isn't unhealthy in the least. But Draco is not the introvert that Teddy and I are. He doesn't really understand how exhausting social interaction can be, especially when a person feels forced into it. Anyway, I'm glad it's such a tiny little school. There are only about 10 kids in his class, so it won't be overwhelming for him, which is something that I absolutely DO NOT WANT after that past couple of months he's had. I've met Jen once, (he woman who will be his teacher) and frankly, she irritates me. In the way that people who are VERY earnest and VERY uptight generally irritate me. She's good at her job, from all I've heard, but... Parent/Teacher Conferences are going to be torture. 

I've started running. I did it on and off during college, but never really was dedicated about it. I'm sure I'll follow much the same pattern, but for the moment, I'm enjoying it. There's something about running in the fall, when the weather is chilly and the leaves are beautiful colours that I really love. And then I come in, sit on the floor and stretching and then just lie there in a boneless heap. And Draco sometimes gives me a massage.

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piratesmile331piratesmile331 on October 18th, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
I think it probably is a good idea to at least try Teddy in this school. If he hates it, you can always homeschool him... I hope things work out with his teacher.
Sounds like a beautiful and thoughtful gift that Draco and Teddy made you. Too bad it was so distracting... ("It won't suck itself." *lol!*)
Harryharry_bokeh on October 20th, 2007 01:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm sure we'll enroll him and it'll turn out fine. I just... I guess most parents experience this. They feel odd sending their kid off to school for the first time. Right>